10 November 2008

Nicole Kidman

...just told Oprah that she had a doula! The 41 year old calls her first birth experience "extraordinary" and "easy". Nice to hear...and she uses a sling too....way to go!

In an interview, she said,
"There's something very primal about giving
birth. It puts you in a state of being very raw."

Giving birth (to baby Sunday Rose) was easy, by the way.

...the star...has yet to hire a
daytime nanny. "I'd heard horror stories of 40 hours of labor, and I was
sure that would be me, but I had a very easy labor"


Love This Life... said...

I still think it helps to be very fit when having a baby, age is a factor too, but as Nicole obviously takes great care of her body that's a very big plus... she is also a smart lady and prepared herself as well as had a Doula to help her ... good for her... I was happy to hear all went well for her - she deserves to be a happy Mum (I was always rooting for her and Keith). Good post Kim! Just wished I had had a Doula... life could have been a lot different for me in childbirth.

DoulaMomma said...

For sure her fitness helped. It's just so nice to hear another prominent woman speak of birth & her active choices positively. We need more stories like this & not more Brittany stories.

I wish for every woman to have the support she desires - you included. That said, hopefully good lessons were learned and victories claimed at your births, love this life.

The Mommy Blawger said...

Yeah, but she's wearing that sling *way too low*. She's going to get a backache if she doesn't tighten it up.

DoulaMomma said...

you're totally right, Mommy Blawger - you would think she would have people to tell get that!