07 November 2008

letting it soak in

Letting it soak in for just a little longer...these are memories from election day, including my 11 year old son taking on the job of calling to get out the vote with surprising zeal - I couldn't get him out of there. I let him push the button to enter my votes.
The ribbon I'm wearing is my official poll challenger designation - it was a fun way to be part of things & great to see friends and neighbors on such a big day. Also fun to drink a good bottle of champagne with friends as we watched the returns & speeches. And my little area of intention (my shrine to democracy in action, along with my shrine to handbag addiction reflected in the mirror!) in my closet...stickers for some of the events I attended or volunteering I did (& the label from the champagne bottle - I'm such a nerd!).


Nanda Mama said...

That's our neighbor in picture #2!

DoulaMomma said...

shh! I did not get his permission to post this picture! ;-)