02 November 2008

crunch time

I feel like it's finals week or something...that's how jacked up about the election I am. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on much of anything else, though I did try to distract myself with some Tivo time today. I mean, I found myself being annoyed that I had to take a day (ok, part of a day) to focus on Halloween - how sick is that? The upside (but also the downside) is that there is plenty of leftover candy to nervously snack on as I make calls to local voters to remind the of polling times/locations & swing state voters to remind them to get out and vote. Maybe I should offer them some candy? If they are at all like me, they are doing the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do when stressed - get plenty of rest & eat well (though I am exercising, since I'm practically vibrating anyway). I'm all diet coke & "fun size" candy bars (I know - ironic, right?) and middle of the night Huffington Post, Bob Cesca and Fivethrityeight. I'm wishing I could head back to PA, but I have people due. I will try to be content with being an official poll watcher on Tuesday.
I'm more than a little worried about myself. If things go my way and Obama is elected, I'm hoping I'll be so elated that I won't feel a let down at the drop in adreneline and election focus frenzy. And if things don't go my way, oooh boy. Perhaps I should put fresh sheets on the bed, since I'm sure I would have to climb in and pull the covers over my head in order to ride out some depression. I'm a wreck.
But I'm not alone, I know. Still - I'd love to hear from some kindred souls. What are you doing to get by? How are you coping?
And for anyone who isn't an Obama supporter (huh?) yet isn't all that psyched about McCain/Palin but is leaning that way out of habit or something, I'd like to offer my name as a write in. Just trying to be helpful - patriotic duty & all that.


Sarah said...

I've been eating lots of little snacks because I haven't felt like eating real meals. Catching up on my stash of DVR'd tv shows, watching movies, tickling Leah whenever I get a chance. I also watch Rachel Maddow, since she's awesome + pretty optimistic + not your standard-issue white dude on the telly... makes me feel good! It's basically been one long sick day - taking care of myself with low-key + positive things. Though I'm sure I will be a MESS of nerves on election day.

Laurie said...

If it helps, Kim, you can make calls at the Obama office in S.O. (or take your candy there!) Mia told me that the lil' ol' Obama office in S.O. is 6th in the nation in the number of calls! They're not reporting directly to Chicago! How awesome is that?! Mia spent about 12 hours over the weekend calling PA and Nevada. She's going after school tomorrow before we leave, if you're interested.

Laurie said...

correct my earlier post to say they're NOW reporting directly to Chicago, not NOT reporting... (They used to report to Essex County and then up the line...)

DoulaMomma said...

Sarah - "one long sick day" - that feels about right. yes - must come up with more structure for myself on Tuesday.

Laura (aka Laurie) - that's cool about the direct report/6th in nation - will head thee tomorrow instead of West Orange (which is frankly so aesthetically depressing - I know I'm being shallow!)...as usual, I'm in awe of Mia!! Good call on taking some candy to the HQ in SO!

Elizabeth Gallo said...

Hey, fellow Obamacrats, where is the SO office???

Eliz (Elizabeth King) said...

The SO office is right about Terrance Allen on Sloan Street (across from Starbucks).

Kim - I'm feeling exactly like you. I'm really afraid of the inevitable mood swing. Even if we win what will I do with all this energy I've been expending on this campaign? If we lose I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get out of bed on Wednesday. I was in PA today and I'm going back on Tuesday - as much for myself as for Obama because I just can't concentrate on anything else that is constructive.

liberal60s said...

My daughter sent me your blog ...I was beginning to feel like I was the only one out there . ..not sleeping, breaking out in nervous rashes, even on the eve of the election, worried, worried, worried.

Are there enough people to fall into the trap of voting for McCain/Palin, a campaign that at best, has been erratic. Sarah Palin wants to set women back 100 years and for her being a "Christian" I find her attacks, her lies, her mob inducing antics disgraceful.

And since when did "liberal" become a dirty word in our society. I was a liberal in the 1960s and I'm a liberal now that I am in my 6os and darn proud of it.

I am going to sink in a deep depression on Wednesday if this is another election that has been hijacked by the Republican party.

DoulaMomma said...

liberal60s -
thanks for writing. I'm feeling hopeful. I will be standing with you in spirit, another proud liberal, later today as I vote.