22 November 2008

luna et mare

The most lovely birth story...I learned of it here.

At some point in the past, I read that there's a native American group who believes that labor is so the woman's spirit can journey across the sky to bring her baby's soul to earth. I wasn't really too sure about that, until this labor. The night before had been the full moon, and it was with some shock that I realized that there I was, in my birth tub, watching the moon cross the sky, exactly as I had been for the miscarriage all those months before. And it seemed to take no time at all. The ocean would rock, the boat would rock, then the tub would rock. I was being cradled in a virtual sea, meditating on a brilliant full moon, pulling it all into a rhythm with the surges in my body.

(author's photo of moonrise)


Nanda Mama said...

Wow. I used to be jealous of stories like this, and then I realized that we each have our own journey to make across the sky - coming back newly baptized in light. There own particular light. Thank you for posting this story. Luscious!

Big smooches

DoulaMomma said...

Luscious is the perfect word!


Laureen said...

Hey Nanda Mama... I used to be jealous of stories like that too. =) I read Grey Forest Walt over and over and over. It took me three births to finally get things lined up the way I wanted them; I don't know if you read my other two stories.

Every time I hear someone say "oh, we'll go to the hospital the first time and consider a home birth after that", I wince. I wish more women would reach for what is rightfully theirs from the start.

Brenda said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful birth story!! I can relate to the mother on many levels and now have something to keep in mind the next time I'm able to be in the same position again.