11 November 2008

You're so vain

When composing this post in my head, during spin class, it was kind of a rant. But I'm over it.

Anyway, I was on my bike, riding, just before the start of class (having adjusted the seat in two ways, the handlebars & put on my own seat pad). A class member came in and said I was on the bike she had signed up for (you put your name on a class map on your way in - there were two open in our row & indeed I had grabbed the wrong one). I said, "oh, sorry", thinking she might just take the (identical) bike right next to me or one of the other 7 open bikes. I was wrong. She said, "Hope you don't mind..." and waited for me to dismount & then spend more time (as the class was starting) adjusting the next bike while she did the same. She was absolutely within her rights to do so, but it struck me as kind of petty and lame. (Just as it's sort of petty & lame of me to expect that she might just shove over when I'm the one who made the mistake - but you see that's not stopping me from writing this - does my own pettiness know no end?!)

But you know what, she did need that bike. It was the right one for her, because it was closer to the wall - the wall of mirrors. She spent the entire class looking at herself, adjusting her hair a few times & checking out her (perfect, petite, lovely) self.
Kind of amusing. OK - I know - I already admitted to being petty!

*I will say that I once did ask someone to move in this same circumstance but only because the bike I had signed up for had shoes clips & straps (for sneakers) & the person on said bike was wearing sneakers & could be accommodated on the other bike while I could not, since it had no shoe clips. Does that even make sense?


Elizabeth Gallo said...

mirrors in the cycling room??? um... why??? forgot to tell you that i joined motion! you should be getting a training session or something for the referral!

DoulaMomma said...

yay! when can you go? let's make a date!
no clue about the mirrors - I hate them...perhaps if I looked more like this woman today I might like them more!

Laurie said...

Why would anyone possibly need a mirror in a workout room? It can be very distracting, especially for the vain.

DoulaMomma said...

yes - also distracting for those watching the vain watch themselves! ;-)

Sarah said...

So you were checking her out, too, eh? ;)

DoulaMomma said...

hee hee...caught me! I suppose - but it's very distracting when the person next to you keeps shaking their hair or twisting...once I saw her do it, then I kept checking to confirm that she was still looking at herself!