08 November 2008

smart as you ever were

from birthactivist:

Here is the link to an article entitled "Pregnancy does not cloud the brain, says Australian study". Many people, including pregnant women themselves, feel that pregnancy clouds their judgment. Perhaps this study will put that myth to rest.

Some notable quotes from the article:

A study by the Australian National University's centre for mental health research found that there is no evidence to suggest that impending motherhood affects a woman's cognitive ability.

"It really leaves the question open as to why (pregnant) women think they have poor memories when the best evidence we have is that they don't.

The professor said research on rodents had found that mother rats had an improved capacity to do more than one task, navigated mazes more efficiently and suffered less anxiety and fear.

"There's enormous changes in the rat brain during pregnancy so you might actually expect that women perform better during pregnancy than when they're not pregnant," Christensen said.

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