08 November 2008

it's your America

That's what the incoming administration's change.gov website says. Our ideas are welcomed. I went here and gave my input about the need to make birth practices a part of health care reform. I wrote about the need to lower costs and improve outcomes by promoting midwifery care, doulas and other high touch/low tech solutions while working for transparency and evidence based practices in birth.

This is what I care about - how about you? I say we flood that website with our .02 about how to better this country going forward. Maybe I'm being overly idealistic by bothering to post - but they are asking, so I'm responding. America just amazed itself with this historic election, so let's keep believing that the good stuff is possible & put our cynicism aside.

It's your America.

"Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today"
- President-Elect Barack Obama


Love This Life... said...

I admire you for trying and of course its a good thing... just think when I was born over 40 years ago in England - the midwives were on the job more so -- I and my younger sister were both born at home - my Dad said that's just how they did it (since my older sister's birth in the hospital had gone well for my Mum)... Makes sense, terribly good sense.... I can't help but wonder why good sense is never the issue.($). business of birth these days?

DoulaMomma said...

Yes - it's sad that choices of less intervention (like a home birth) are sometimes only for those who can afford to pay for it out of pocket (mine was paid for by insurance, but I had to wait to be reimbursed)...but so ironic that these options would save the healthcare system so much money. I think that the physician's "Do No Harm" oath may be at odds with medicine for profit - that's such a tough concept for the US.

DoulaMomma said...

make that "physicians'"