07 November 2008

like a hot potato

Or perhaps a liberal potato is more like it...one of the people who follows (make that followed) this blog dropped me today. Because I don't have a very thick skin, I wanted to know who and was able to tell by comparing my laptop to my desktop. Man - what took her so long? - I don't blame her! The only other blogs she follows are on self-proclaimed conservative issues. I wonder which post pushed her over the edge? Sorry, GM - I welcome your readership - but I understand...come back any time!
"Can't we all just get along" - Rodney King

"I just want to be loved - is that so wrong?"
- Harvey Fierstein (maybe)


Nanda Mama said...

Where a window is closed a door is opened. I am a follower now!

lunasoror said...

ditto, we love you baby!

DoulaMomma said...

thanks, ladies!

Laura said...

I'm here too!

I was listed on someone's blogs list...and then I wasn't as the election drew near.

Oh well!

DoulaMomma said...

Thanks Laura...hey - I can't see how to follow you (though I do, obviously) - just subscribe?